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"This Man Doesn't Lie, Kiss-Ass, or
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Shameless Shamus Brown, Unconventional Sales Trainer
Shameless Shamus Brown
Creator of Persuasive Selling Skills

Thanks for dropping by my sales training website, Industrial EGO Sales.

You know, you don't have to lose your self-respect to be a successful sales person.

I should know.

I've worked for some great companies in my career - names like IBM and Dun and Bradstreet to name two.

Some of my sales jobs I excelled at and made big commissions.

Others I got fired from. Sometimes this was because I made a bad choice and couldn't get motivated to sell something that I didn't believe in.

Other times it was because I was unwilling to be a scumbag and tell bald-faced lies to get a deal.

One VP of Sales fired me as an "example" to others to be more "creative" in their selling (i.e. lie to the customer to make a deal). 5 months later though he was indicted by the SEC along with a few other C-Level execs on fraudulent stock price manipulation charges.

What I learned through all of this was that I was most motivated and most successful when I was just myself and sold things that I liked and had a real interest in.

Today, 13 years after I last worked for anyone else, I've showed thousands of sales people worldwide, with my Sales Training Course and my daily tips emails, how to quickly become either their prospects first choice to buy from or to cut bait and walk away early from deals they'll most certainly lose.

I am sure you're as tired as I am of worn-out sales clichés, crappy sales advice, and cheesy closing techniques. So spend some time here today and check out my sales training courses.

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While you're here you'll find tons of useful sales tips, sales techniques, sales training courses, and uncommon sense to motivate you and change the way you sell for the better.

You don't need to be a suck-up, a kiss-ass or a liar to do well in sales.

And I believe you'll find that once you read up and start following my advice, you too will laugh to yourself and start calling me Shameless Shamus!

Sell with Pride,

P.S. Below are my two most popular sales training courses. Check 'em out.

Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Sales Training CourseSales Training Courses

Persuasive Selling Skills

Learn how to close more of your sales while keeping your self-respect with the audio sales training course on CDs, online, and iPod ready MP3s.

1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video Sales Training Course
1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video

You can get greater rapport with a wider variety of people than ever before in just seconds when you learn the sales skills taught in the DVD video sales training course.






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