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Need a sales manager? Individual sales coaching from an experienced sales person shows you how to sell more with less frustration.

Read what one technology sales rep has to say about sales coaching:

"I now have gotten a number of appointments that are being driven from the CIO level and these in turn have gotten me deeper in their organizations for more opportunities."

I recently took a new job that required heavy-duty cold-calling to the CIO's and CTO's of Fortune 1000 companies. My cold-calling techniques were not up to par in today's world.

I knew I needed help quickly especially since my own manager was over-worked and the training budget was non-existent.

I found Shamus through his website and liked what I saw. I gave him a call and explained the problem I needed solving.

Shamus got me focused, he put me on a program, and yes, he even made me work a little bit. As a bonus, he made our sessions fun and engaging.

I now have gotten a number of appointments that are being driven from the CIO level and these in turn have gotten me deeper in their organizations for more opportunities.

I don't think I would have made it this far without Shamus' experience and understanding of what needed to be done.

-Sabrina. Sunnyvale, California

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Are You Maximizing Your Sales Results?

A sales coach works with top performers to create outstanding results. Just as an Olympic athlete works with a coach to win the gold medal, your sales coach will push, challenge, and demand more of you to break sales records, make more money, and bring your career to a new level.

One-on-One Reinforcement

Experienced salespeople know that outstanding sales performance is the result of practicing the basics on a regular basis. Sales coaching offers you the opportunity to reinforce, strengthen, and create excellent sales habits together with an highly experienced salesperson.

Peak Performance Sales Coaching

Outstanding salespeople know that they can deliver their best when they need to. Yet when asked how they get results, many would respond by saying that they just do it. This is great for the times when you are on, but what about when you are off? Peak Performance Coaching enables high achievers to make clear distinctions about what they do when at their best, creating a repeatable model of themselves for consistent peak performance.

Mentor Sales Coaching

Salespeople who make it to the top have great mentors who help them get there. In today's new economy, a salesperson has less time than ever to prove himself. Mentoring with an experienced sales coach is the edge that will get you out in front of the pack.

Corporate Team Sales Coaching

Sales skill and methodology training is great, but unfortunately much of the investment in such seminars is lost due to the one-shot nature of the training. Reinforcement coaching offers the opportunity to practice and ingrain the skills learned, capitalizing on the corporation's investment in its salesforce.

Many sales organizations have a small number of peak performers carrying the revenue performance for the entire team or company. Peak performers can be modeled, and their skills, attitudes, and habits mentored to new and up-and-coming members of the sales team.

How Does Sales Coaching Work?

Coaching is powerful in its simplicity. You and I schedule two, three or four telephone appointments per month. These meetings typically run from a half an hour to an hour each. We discuss the most important actions that you can take right now to improve your sales or business performance.

Your support also includes unlimited email coaching, and unlimited short coaching calls between regular sessions - imagine having a sales coach you could call for 10 minutes before making a call on that major account.

Our partnership begins with an initial discovery session of up to one to two hours. Here you will design the results that you most want and discover how to sustain powerful forward momentum. As we go forward, I will assist you in creating result-driven plans, finding resources, and breaking down barriers to follow through and get outstanding results.

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Can't My Sales Manager Do This?

Many sales managers don't have the time to coach and mentor everyone on their team. So often the salesperson doesn't get the needed attention until the spotlight is on. Hiring a sales coach is like choosing your own sales manager. You get to hire someone whom you know is objective, and has only your interests in mind.

Is Shamus Brown Available to Coach Me?

Currently I am not taking on any new sales coaching clients. To be notified when I have openings again please sign up for my EGOPOWER Sales Newsletter.

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