Sales Coaching Clients are Saying

"When I started out in Ad Sales for I knew there had to be a program that actually taught a proven selling system. After scouring and researching the Internet for such a program I finally came across I called the number, and not only did I gain access to this a powerful selling system, but also a great coach and friend in Shamus Brown."

"Shamus Brown's Industrial Ego Sales Training incorporates the best selling techniques focusing on the psychology of the buyer, and personalizes this system to the industry specific to you. Industrial Ego Sales Training is a proven sales-oriented success generator that can be incorporated into any avenue of business as well as into your personal life."

Brian Robles
eCommerce Business Specialist


"As a 12 year veteran of the sales profession with two Fortune 500 companies, and accustomed to a mid-six figure salary, my expectations of the potential benefit of sales coaching was, to say the least conservative. Now, after working directly with you, I can say that my expectations were greatly exceeded."

"Specifically, your coaching directly focused me on the creation and identification of pain, both in the sales calls, and on the phone prospecting. The bottom line is that my sales have increased, but more importantly, the quality of the calls I now go on has improved, and the time I spend prospecting has decreased."

Steve Novak
Major Accounts District Manager


"In just one coaching session I learned the action steps necessary to eliminate critical flaws in my sales process that's separating me from my future clients. The value was immeasurable."

Todd R. Tresidder


"Shamus has extensive experience in business-to-business selling and has the capability to work with all levels from beginner to the best-of-the-best. To create massive momentum in my Pre-Paid Legal business, I needed to master some new skills. Shamus took the time to teach me, and I can't believe the progress I have made! I am now making successful visits to high level executives in major California companies for group sales."

Kathy Hays
Pre-Paid Legal Services


"Shamus provided me the support I needed in the first few months of my business start-up. He got me to look at where I wanted to go and the specific steps I had to take daily to get there. I have used his time / project management techniques everyday since. Thanks Shamus!"

Chad Jewell
Leasing Specialist


"Coaching and mentoring from experienced well respected people have helped me guide my career path in ways that otherwise may have turned out badly. I see too may people who do not discuss ideas with others and therefore wind up guessing wrong or losing out on opportunities that they otherwise would have missed. Strategizing with Shamus and working together to understand what were the best career moves for me has been invaluable."

Mike Malina
Director Business Development


"The most valuable thing I got was clarifying my priorities so that I knew where to focus my energy first. That gave me the permission to stop trying to do it all and take the things one at a time in the best order for my goals."

Diane Dawson
Internet Entrepreneur
Dawson Resources


"I wanted extra help to push me through the gates of the top record companies in the world to meet their top executives and play my guitar for them. Shamus helped me find the motivation to just go and do it."

Jared Kessler, Singer-Songwriter/MP3-Superstar


"A Star goes beyond turning in great work that sets the standard for the team - stars are natural leaders who can innately sense where the team needs to go, get there first, and convince everyone around them how easy it is and how they can do it, too. I am pleased that Shamus has made it his personal mission to improve the quality of selling (make that the quality of living) in high technology. "

Chris Chalmers
Sales Management



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"This is one of the best and most valuable free newsletter articles I have ever read."

Ren Dimond
Vice President Sales
NewsBank, Richmond, VA.



"I have been reading your emails for about a year now and I find your tips and techniques the most beneficial and realistic of any other sales coaches."

Glen Maskerine
Concept Air Systems


"This is a great newsletter! Your article on questioning was insightful and got me to thinking about my questioning techniques."

Laine Fuller
Senior Account Executive


"Thanks for the awesome sales site!

Jamie Shaw



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