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Looking for a sales trainer for your next sales event? One of the best business-to-business sales trainers is Shamus Brown, the Chief EGO Officer of Industrial EGO Sales. Shamus's focus is on giving your sales reps real persuasion skills that they can use in face-to-face selling with your customers.

Sales Trainers make Big Claims

Many sales trainers out there make some big claims. "Come to my Boot-Camp, and I'll turn your salespeople into SalesSuperstars!" This sounds great when you hear it. But can these sales trainers really do this for any and every sales rep out there? The reality is that everyone has strengths and weaknesses - sales trainers included.


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Judging Sales Trainers

One way to judge the strengths of the sales trainers you are reviewing is to find out what industry they learned to sell in. The industries sales trainers learn to sell in are a pretty good indicator of the type of selling that they would be teaching your sales team. Shamus Brown spent 12 years selling business software, services, and hardware for companies like IBM, Vantive, and Dunn & Bradstreet before starting his own sales training company.

To get some of Shamus Brown' sales training advice for yourself or your sales team, check out his Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program today.

Professional Sales Trainer - Shamus Brown

Shamus Brown
Chief EGO Officer
Industrial EGO Sales™

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