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Sales Trainer Shamus Brown I have studied and practiced a lot of sales techniques over my sales career. Some worked and some didn't. I have condensed the attitude and skills that I have found to work the best into the following sales training courses for you.

Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Course

This is my most popular sales training course, the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. In it I teach 5 critical sales skills that any sales person can apply. Whether you are selling business to business or in-home to consumers doesn't matter. Thousands of copies have been sold worldwide.

1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video Course

My 1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video Program shows you how to get rapport with virtually anyone fast. Watch this course and you'll be able to quickly easily apply the techniques giving you many more chances to deliver your message than you ever had before.




What Sales Reps and Business Professionals Have To Say...

"I and a peer of mine felt that the one class alone has changed our styles so drastically, that it is almost too easy to sell now."

Ray Flores
Employee Solutions
Phoenix, Arizona

Good valuable information. Seem to speak from experience and not textbook. I like very much your low key approach - calm, consultative, and not overly 'salesy'.

John Hoye
Auguri Corporation
Silicon Valley, California

Great class yesterday! It has been a long time since I have witnessed such oratory fireworks.

Jay Adams
Novacoast International, Inc.
Santa Barbara, California

I think the best part was being around other sales execs who wanted to be better.

Dan Waldschmidt
F.H. Furr Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
Woodbridge, Virginia

Convenience (from the office), speed (no B.S. just focusing on the topic), interesting and applicable info. I was able to implement this right away. A good laugh here and there.

Nicolas Courchesne
Berlie Technologies Inc.

We all get caught up in our routines and participating in a session with other sales professionals creates the environment to get back to basics.

Alex Pringle
San Francisco, California

I thought that the interactive format of the class was very useful. By building on the concept to a point at which we could see the entire process as a whole, we were able to reflect how sales calls actually work and succeed. I also appreciate having hard copy materials to work from in advance of the class.

Glen Blakney
Boston, Massachusetts

I think we all learned, not only from the expert, but also, from everybody else who attended the class and shared their personal situations. I'm already putting this into practice, and I'm already experiencing results.

Antonio Moreno
Madrid, Spain


Individual Sales Training Course Descriptions

Read individual descriptions of Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program sales training courses...


Persuasive Questioning Techniques Sales Training Course

Seductive Rapport Skills Sales Training Course

Get Commitments First Sales Training Course

Strategic Customer Profiling Sales Training Course

Pressure Free Selling Sales Training Course


Please note that these courses are only available by purchasing the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program and are not for sale individually.


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Ren Dimond
Vice President Sales
NewsBank, Richmond, VA.



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Glen Maskerine
Concept Air Systems


"This is a great newsletter! Your article on questioning was insightful and got me to thinking about my questioning techniques."

Laine Fuller
Senior Account Executive


"Thanks for the awesome sales site!

Jamie Shaw



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