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When You Discover the Simple But in Depth Skills I Show in 1 to 1 Rapport Skills You Will...


Here's Exactly What's Included In Your 1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video Program:

1. 1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video - 50 Minutes
(Includes DVD Menu with 12 Video Chapters)

2. 1 to 1 Rapport Skills Audio CD - 50 Minutes
(spoken soundtrack from the Video)

3. Presentation Handout Guide - 24 pp.
(Printed and Bound - Identical slide content as displayed onscreen in the DVD)

4. Word-for-Word Presentation Transcript - 20 pp.
(Printed and Bound)

5. Predicate Phrases Chart -115 phrases to use in recognizing another persons thought patterns and mirror it back to them in their own language.
(Printed loose: post on your wall, carry in yourorganizer, etc.)

Professional Quality Digital Video Production

You will find this video to be of excellent quality and high production value*. The video footage of was shot live using a high-end digital video camera in a boardroom setting by a professional videographer with good lighting and good sound quality.

*Available in NTSC format only. You may play this outside of the USA only if your DVD player is capable of playing NTSC (USA format) DVDs. PAL format is NOT available at this time.

Your DVD has been professionally edited into a 50 minute presentation complete with 12 separate video chapters and an onscreen menu to which allows you to skip around to various segments of the video as you see fit.

Readable Onscreen Presentation Graphics

During the presentation of 1 to 1 Rapport Skills I used a series of PowerPoint slides to enhance the instruction. I had these edited into television quality onscreen text graphics so that you can easily read the bullet points of the presentation onscreen. Also, every slide is reproduced in full in your Presentation Handout Guide.


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You can get your 1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Video Program right now for only $147.00 complete with the bonus audio CD plus the Presentation Handout Guide, Word-for-word Transcript and Predicate Language Phrases Chart.

To get going on developing your new skills that will have you gaining rapport and trust with virtually anyone fast, here are two easy ways to order:

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All Sales are Final. There are no Refunds or Guarantees.

If you don’t think you can make back the price of program, don’t buy it.

I will however happily replace damaged or defective materials at no cost.

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Chief EGO Officer
Industrial EGO Sales

P.S. - Its easy to learn how to use these skills to get more rapport with more people if you are simply willing to stretch yourself try a few new tactics with your prospects.

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