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Sales Trainer Shamus Brown -by Shamus Brown

If anyone can sell, then why do so many salespeople get fired, or move on to "greener pastures"?

If sales is so easy, then why do so many people struggle to make their sales quotas? And if you are killing your quota, why are you one of the few carrying the revenue burden for your entire company?

It is actually quite easy to earn an incredible income in professional sales, when you know exactly what to do.

Last year 1200 people made over a million dollars in sales commissions.

Yes, I said $1,000,000.00 (a lot zeros there!). And tens of 1000's more salespeople are making very high six-figure incomes every year.

Let me help. I created this site to give you what you need to be successful in sales.

You will discover here the most advanced strategies, unique ideas, smart tricks, and powerful techniques used by top salespeople worldwide.

And much more.

I have tried and used just about everything. Some things you've heard of, some you haven't. Some are obvious, and some go against everything you have ever learned or believe about selling and salespeople.

In all my time making money in sales, I spent more than 12 years as a professional salesrep and sales manager. I take selling seriously. It is a passion for me. I have sold more than $40 million in products.

When it comes to selling, I know what I am talking about.

As an experienced salesperson, I can tell you that there are a lot of ideas being practiced out there and promises being made about how to become a great sales person. What really gets my blood boiling is when I hear the so-called top sales trainers teach techniques that haven't worked in years because they haven't had to sell in years!

Now maybe these ideas worked in the 1920's or 30's (when they were invented). But today there are so many similar products being offered by similar companies. And buyers have less time than ever to make even bigger and bigger decisions.

The old ways of selling just don't work in today's hyper-competitive market.

And these so-called top sales trainers? Most of them haven't sold anything themselves in years - some even decades.

They make all of their money by having underpaid staff sell their antiquated advice and ideas to unsuspecting and hungry people who want to truly learn from an expert. You think one of these guys gets on the phone and makes calls for new business? Think again.

So what are the proven principles of sales success actually used by top salespeople?

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